[Saving the American Wild Horse]

Sheryl Crow se ha unido a Viggo Mortensen y Peter Coyote en la labor de anfitirones del documental (del DOC Channel) que lleva el nombre  Saving the American Wild Horse.  Este examina la historia de estos bellos animales y su lucha por los terrenos en que habitan.

Crow tiene varios de estos animales en su finca de Nashville-area farmy estos aparecen en el programa que sale hoy 7 de julio.

Sheryl comenta:

"I think it will be a real shame when we look back and we don't have these incredible species, and I guess my best hope would be that people, individuals, step up at this point and really protect these animals,"

"We're starting to get really, really far away from our heritage and what this country is based on...If any of these politicians visited these sites where our indigenous animals are being slaughtered in an inhumane way and being sold for meat, I feel that there would be a different take and a different approach to what's happening."